The Society of Women Engineers (SWE) is a nationally recognized professional, educational, non-profit, and service organization dedicated to promoting interest in and encouraging women to pursue the fields of science and engineering.


This is the current listing of all the SWE officers. To e-mail any of the officers, just click on their e-mail address and write a short message. If you have a general question, e-mail the whole executive board at

Executive Board

Robin Stiller President
Kelly Shelden Internal Vice President
McCall Vollum External Vice President
Kristie Pederson Program Director
Julianne Wagoner Program Chair
Natalie Murray Summer Program Chair
Rachel Cassidy Outreach Director
Emily Masters Freshman Coordinator
Sveta Fedorikhina Treasurer
Kelsey Watterworth Secretary
Olivia Gann Social Chair
Miranda Benner Publicity Chair
Shari Xiaorui Xu Technology Director