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From : David J. Edwards (David.J.Edwards@worldnet.att.net)
Message Submitted : Mon Jan 15 23:17:50 1996
Greetings:Just browsing. Have a great year.In H & T, Dave Edwards, EB304
From : Dave "Sparkles" Heffernan (lordsoth@asu.edu)
Message Submitted : Tue Jan 16 11:58:40 1996
Hey y'all,Just cruisin the WWW thought I'd drop in and say hey. Love the web page. CONGRATS on getting chapter status! Way to go! Good luck in the future and never stop striving to achieve. Laterz, Dave "Sparkles" Heffernan DG35
From : Kevin Gipe (gipe@cis.ohio-state.edu)
Message Submitted : Wed Jan 24 11:23:15 1996
We should have been in the Rose Bowl!!!!!!!FIRE COOPER!!! FIRE COOPER!!! FIRE COOPRE!!!!Oh, and congrats on the new chapter.Kevin GipeSigma #814The Ohio State Unviersity
From : Spence McCallie (McCallie@bechtel.colorado.edu)
Message Submitted : Mon Jan 29 13:31:50 1996
Cool Page. Check out ours at The University of Colorado Colony of Theta Tau.Congrats on your installation.
From : Cathy Starr (cms843@nwu.edu)
Message Submitted : Sat Feb 3 19:02:22 1996
Fei-great job on the homepage so far! Especially the Rush Schedule!Keep up the great work. In H&T, Cathy RR!X!
From : Shannon Dill (dill@seas.smu.edu)
Message Submitted : Tue Feb 27 16:07:01 1996
Cool Page!! I was just looking for grad school infor and thought I'd stop by.In H & T,Shannon TB '96 X!
From : Glenn M. Channell (XB '93) (channell@aries.scs.uiuc.edu)
Message Submitted : Thu Mar 7 18:22:52 1996
Hey Guys, what's up?Just wanted to let you know that I was sorry I missed your chapter installation (I was out of town the week beforeand found out about it too late to make arrangements) andto let you know you have a brother down here at UIUC, soif you wanna come down for a football game or something, letme know (I DON'T have room to put you up!!!)In H & T Me
From : Kazuaki Itaya (Delta Gamma '96 #5 WW! Z!) (Glazed.Muffin@asu.edu)
Message Submitted : Wed Apr 3 15:04:39 1996
Hello from sunny Arizona. I have question for you guys... what's 'tech 3 or tech9 or tech4 all these means?'I founded in your members file. Visit us sometime!
From : Andrew W. Thielen (awt4486@silver.sdsmt.edu)
Message Submitted : Tue Apr 16 14:43:21 1996
Hey there from OMEGA!!!! I'm doing my best to sign every guestbook.It's a beutiful day here in Rapid City, and I hope all of you are having a blast!In H&TAndy Thielen

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