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From : Fei Yeh (fyeh@nwu.edu)
Message Submitted : Sat Oct 7 20:11:33 1995
Well somebody has to enter the first entry. :)
What are you waiting for? Go ahead and SIGN this thing already!
From : Matthew Clark (Jmc1@ra.msstate.edu)
Message Submitted : Mon Oct 9 15:13:25 1995
Your home page looks pretty good! I wish your colony the bestof luck as it becomes a chapter in November! In H & T, Matthew Clark KB 518
From : Subhro Sen (sen@nwu.edu)
Message Submitted : Tue Oct 10 17:33:07 1995
I guess i'm the other NU OT member that reads this page so here i am!
From : David Martinez (dmartine@bigdog.engr.arizona.edu)
Message Submitted : Tue Oct 10 19:28:20 1995
Nice looking home page. Good Luck
From : Dana M. Hastings (yinyang@asu.edu)
Message Submitted : Thu Oct 12 17:44:32 1995
Greetings from Delta Gamma Chapter at ASU! I was just going through other Theta Tau homepages and thought I'd comment on yours. It looks terrific! Good Luck with installation!
From : Sanjay Saxena (ssaxena@nwu.edu)
Message Submitted : Fri Oct 20 11:36:43 1995
The Web Page looks great! See you all at installation on the 18th!
From : Ron "Buns" Rothman (rrothman@rama.poly.edu)
Message Submitted : Sat Oct 28 20:03:02 1995
Looks like Theta Tau is at Northwestern to stay!I can't wait to see everybody at our installation!Long live BUNNIES!!!
From : Josh Poley (poley@msn.com)
Message Submitted : Thu Nov 2 12:51:15 1995
Hey there! A quick hello from the University of Colordo at Boulder, (and soon to be colony of Theta Tau)See ya in the near future... (Josh Poley).
From : Carla Dempsey (natalia@imap2.asu.edu)
Message Submitted : Thu Nov 2 22:31:59 1995
Hey, NU! You guys look great! I'm a pledge from the Delta Gamma Chapter and just thought that I'd check things out on the net. Good luck on your installation. I bet it will turn out great. Hope to get in touch with you later, bye-bye.
From : Richard Trey Wiley, Zeta '93 (rwiley@falcon.ukans.edu)
Message Submitted : Sun Nov 5 13:23:08 1995
Congratulations on your upcoming installation as the Epsilon Gamma chapter of Theta Tau. I wish you all of the luck in the world.
From : Paul Masgras (masgras.2@osu.edu)
Message Submitted : Sun Nov 12 15:56:31 1995
Hello, everyone. Just checking out the differnet Theta Tau pages out onthe web. Make sure to take at look at Sigma's page at http://er4www.eng.ohio-state.edu/~jonesm/thetatau/htmlGo Bucks! See you all at the RoseBowl!Paul
From : Carrie Lauritzen (cal412@lulu)
Message Submitted : Mon Nov 13 01:52:00 1995
Uh.... I got nothin' to say to youse. Uh i ain't too literate cuz i am an engineer so i cant be saying anything to you all there in the thing you have.
From : janice wiitala (janice.wiitala@assoc.com)
Message Submitted : Tue Nov 14 12:24:54 1995
Rah! Rah! Theta Tau!! Congratulations- Your hard work has really paid off:)It was great to see you all last night. I'm really looking forward to this weekend!
From : Rachel Zajano (rmzaj@casbah.acns.nwu.edu)
Message Submitted : Tue Nov 14 15:47:40 1995
Great job Fei--it looks great!Can't wait to see everyone this weekend!
From : Tim Wolters OT-NB (Wolters@uwplatt.edu)
Message Submitted : Wed Nov 15 21:30:46 1995
Well.. I thought that our home page was cool until I saw yours.CONGRADULATIONS from all of us at the Nu Beta Chapter :|:):DSee you all at the installation!!!
From : Derek L. Diget, X! YY! VV!, Pi Beta (derek.diget@wmich.edu)
Message Submitted : Wed Nov 22 00:31:10 1995
Wanted to be the first to welcome you to the WONDERS fo Theta Tau. I enjoyed being at your installation!! Congrats!Now, you guys will have to roadtrip to Pi Beta and see where Jondid his undergrad! Our "Hell Night" is Dec 2nd and Initiation is Dec 3rd.
From : Spence McCallie (McCallie@bechtel.colorado.edu)
Message Submitted : Thu Nov 23 01:19:14 1995
Come on out and ski in Boulder! From the University of ColoradoColony of Theta Tau, Congratulations on your certification! Spence McCallie Vice-President
From : Barry Shaddix (bshaddix@ucet.ufl.edu)
Message Submitted : Tue Nov 28 15:02:37 1995
Congratulations on becoming a chapter, sorry we couldn't be there. Try not to party too hard in Pasadena Rach!Hopefully we'll see some of ya'll here for Spring Break. Good Luck and GO MICHIGAN!! UF colony.
From : Jessie Corbett (corbettj@caelab1.cae.wisc.edu)
Message Submitted : Mon Dec 4 00:17:40 1995
This looks great! I also want to congratulate you allagain for your installation as Epsilon Gamma Chapter!In H&T,Jessie CorbettXi Chapter
From : Scott Wurms (swurms@eml.doe.gov)
Message Submitted : Tue Dec 12 16:23:40 1995
Great start! - When are you going to get it finished.PS - I had a great time at your installation - CONGRATULATIONS

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