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Current Officers

Office Name
Regent Phillip Saltzman
Vice Regent Chris Yang
Treasurer Eugene Choi
Scribe Brian Leung
Corresponding Secretary Mike Goldrich
Inner Gaurd Derrick Elsner
Outer Guard Max Ehrhardt
Marshal Richard Chen

Our Active Members

Name E-mail Class Web Page
Derrick Elsner d-elsner@northwestern.edu Junior ---
Tiffany Leung t-leung@northwestern.edu Junior ---
Eugene Choi e-choi@northwestern.edu Sophomore ---
Chris Yang c-yang@northwestern.edu Junior ---
Phillip Saltzman p-saltzman@northwestern.edu Senior ---
Richard Chen rzchn@northwestern.edu Junior ---
Jefftrey Christoper Kong j-kong@northwestern.edu Junior ---
Brian Leung b-lueng@northwestern.edu Junior ---
Joe Chang j-chang8@northwestern.edu Junior ---
Marvin Lim marvin@northwestern.edu Junior ---
Hyuk Lee h-lee5@northwestern.edu Junior ---
Max Ehrhardt m-ehrhardt@northwestern.edu Sophmore ---
Mike Goldirch m-goldrich@northwestern.edu Junior ---

Other People Important to Our Chapter

Central Regional Director Jamie March
Faculty Advisor Kevin Lynch
Alumni Advisor Jacob Greenberg

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