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Theta Tau National Homepage

The Active Chapters of Theta Tau

Note: Some chapters do not have home pages yet. If you need to get in touch with one of these, send email to (Example:

» Alpha --
University of Minnesota
  Minneapolis, Minnesota

» Beta --
Michigan Technological University
  Houghton, Michigan

» Zeta --
University of Kansas
  Lawrence, Kansas

» Mu --
University of Alabama
  Tuscaloosa, Alabama

» Xi --
University of Wisconsin - Madison
  Madison, Wisconsin

» Omicron --
University of Iowa
  Iowa City, Iowa

» Pi --
University of Virginia
  Charlotesville, Virginia

» Rho --
North Carolina State University
  Raleigh, North Carolina

» Sigma --
Ohio State University
  Columbus, Ohio

» Tau --
Syracuse University
  Syracuse, New York

» Upsilon --
University of Arkansas
  Fayetteville, Arkansas

» Phi --
Purdue University
  West Lafayette, Indiana

» Chi --
University of Arizona
  Tucson, Arizona

» Omega --
South Dakota School of Mines and Technology
  Rapid City, South Dakota

» Gamma Beta --
George Washington University
  Washington D.C.

» Epsilon Beta --
Wayne State University
  Detroit, Michigan

» Iota Beta --
University of Detroit Mercy
  Detroit, Michigan

» Kappa Beta --
Mississippi State University
  Starkville, Mississippi

» Lambda Beta --
Tennessee Technological University
  Cookeville, Tennessee

» Nu Beta --
University of Wisconsin - Platteville
  Platteville, Wisconsin

» Xi Beta --
Lawrence Technological University
  Southfield, Michigan

» Omicron Beta --
University of Michigan Dearborn
  Dearborn, Michigan

» Pi Beta --
Western Michigan University
  Kalamazoo, Michigan

» Rho Beta --
Ohio University
  Athens, Ohio

» Sigma Beta --
University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee
  Milwaukee, Wisconsin

» Tau Beta --
Southern Methodist University
  Dallas, Texas

» Upsilon Beta --
Old Dominion University

» Phi Beta --
Oakland University
  Rochester, Michigan

» Chi Beta --
University of Toledo
  Toledo, Ohio

» Psi Beta --
University of Texas at Austin
  Austin, Texas

» Omega Beta --
Hofstra University
  Hempstead, New York

» Delta Gamma --
Arizona State University
  Tempe, Arizona

» Epsilon Gamma --
Northwestern University
  Evanston, Illinois

» Zeta Gamma --
University of Florida
  Gainesville, Florida

» Eta Gamma --
University of Colorado
  Boulder, Colorado

» Theta Gamma --
University of Michigan
  Ann Arbor, Michigan

» Colony at Virginia Commonwealth University --
Virginia Commonwealth University
  Richmond, Virginia

» Colony at University of Cincinnati --
University of Cincinnati
  Cincinnati, Ohio

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